Kicking Off Yoga At Adams City Middle School

It took a whole lot of work, but thanks to the Assistant Principal, Tonia Lopez, we were able to get yoga to the 6th grade girls PE class at ACMS, the middle school I attended.

Yes, this does make for an super crazy Friday for me, but it is so worth it!

Crow Pose with Rise Up Yoga at ACMS


Dear Me Project

Dear Me Project by Rise Up Yoga

While kicking off this school year, I wanted the students at Boston to get a good idea of what it meant to have a “strong voice” inside of you to motivate you when stress becomes overwhelming. So I busted out the Fuji InstMax and my 90s Polaroid and we began making signs to reflect our personal strong voices. I photographed all 10 classes I had and even some of the teachers jumped in! We took over the bulletin board right outside of my classroom door.

Representation matters.

The kids would stand in line at the door and find their siblings, friends, and most importantly themselves and see their sign, their face and understand that they were a part of a community. And one full of strong, resilient voices at that!

The Dear Me project came about as we were exploring our Yoga PAWS® Curriculum.

Believe it our not, a huge number of kids have never heard a vinyl record.

RISE UP YOGA records for kids

None the less seen a record player!

RISE UP YOGA record player

To remedy that, our Yoga PAWS® has a unit dedicated to hearing sounds in a new way.  Then making our own.

RIse Up Yoga sound unit

They find some strong voices then get to have a jam session. Everybody love the sound unit.


Invited Back to Boston!

Not only was I invited back to Boston this year to run a full elective program, but I ended up with my own class room! What a wonderful opportunity to see what we can do!

Rise Up Yoga classroom


Summer of Free Yoga

Summer of 2017 was spent hosting free yoga all over the metro area for both adults and children. My son tagged along and supported me as a role model for kids new to yoga. We had an amazing time. Can’t wait for more opportunities to serve our communities.

Rise Up Yoga Summer Sessions


Pilot Program

Spring of 2017, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to  get to run the initial 11 week program at Boston P-8 in Aurora, CO. I traveled from classroom to classroom and taught the curriculum as an elective.

It went very well and a lot of data was collected to support the need for ongoing work with this community as well as others.



Hi there, I’m trying to secure funding to bring yoga to low-income elementary schools and community centers in Denver at no charge to the kids and families that attend. I want to bring the many proven benefits of yoga to places that are currently under-served. I’m a certified kids yoga instructor and 200hr RYT. I’m certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED.

The name Rise Up Yoga is inspired by the lotus flower that grows from the depth or murk and mud to blossom. Also, by the lyrics of Hamilton as a nod to my dedication to social justice for all. One way I can help kids rise up is through yoga. They’ll learn to center, to grow, to create community, to hold space for themselves and others, to empower themselves and communities. They’ll gain self-confidence, focus, acceptance, and self-love. All while having fun. I even wrote a song that’ll kick off every class with a dance party and raising our voice in positive affirmation.

I’m doing everything I can to make this happen, but I need your help. Please help make this a reality.